Sunday, November 29, 2009

Venice From Above

taken from the San Marco Clocktower in Venice

On our 2nd to the last day in Venice, we went up the San Marco Clocktower to admire the beautiful 360 degree view of the city. Venice is not a very big place, my family and I were able to walk around the entire city in a day but not without our feet suffering though hehe.

Up in the clocktower, there's a huge bell that rings every hour and just our luck, we were in line for the elevator to go down right at 12nn. We were right below the bell when it started ringing! It was a deafening but fun experience. That bell has been ringing on the hour for years!

Later that day, we fed the pigeons in Piazza San Marco (that plaza you see in the photo above) which was the highlight of the Venice leg of the trip for me. There were pigeons flocking to us and they were on our heads, arms, EVERYWHERE! I think those pigeons are so used to people feeding them that they aren't afraid to eat from our hands. Definitely two things you should do when you go to Venice!


Hilda said...

You've been to Venice? Lucky you!

Thank you for your visits and comments on my blog! I'm sorry I wasn't able to return the visit sooner but I've been kind of overwhelmed with work and personal matters. I really hope things will normalize in a couple of weeks.

I hope you have a beautiful week, Lianne! God bless.

Lianne said...

thanks Hilda! :)

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