Wednesday, November 4, 2009

The Colosseum

taken at the Colosseum in Rome

One of the most iconic structures in Rome is the Colosseum and honestly I didn't expect to be as blown away as I was when I saw it up close and personal for the first time. It was HUGE! All I could do was stare at it and marvel at the history and stories those massive walls held. 

The Colosseum could hold up to 70,000 people during the games and the audience were seated according to their stature in society. The highest level was were the slaves were seated along with, get this, all women. Even if you were married to a senator, it didn't matter. ALL women had to be seated all the way up there!

Amazing, amazing, amazing!


This Little Girl Dreams... said...

you took stunning pictures and you are so lucky to have seen it in person. : )

Lianne said...

thanks! although i feel i still didn't completely capture the grandness of the Colosseum! :)

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