Tuesday, November 10, 2009

The Roman Forums

taken at the Roman Forums

I enjoyed our tour of the Roman Forums because it showed me a glimpse of how the Roman Empire was at the height of it all.

My favorite story was about the Vestal virgins. They are women who are chosen at a young age to maintain the sacred fire of Vesta. True to their name, they need to be virgins for their entire service which usually lasts around 30 years. Back then, 30s is like a grandma's age so once they're done with their service and no men wanted to be with them! On the bright side, they were treated like royalty and lived very very comfortably.

More Rome pictures to come!


Elaine said...

These picture are amazing!!! I'm so jealous :(:( And that's crazy.... 30 years old is NOT too old to find a suitor!!! At least not now.


Lianne said...

hi elaine!

thanks :) i'll still upload more pictures in the coming days.

yeah i know, 30 is NOT old at all!

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