Thursday, November 19, 2009

Church On A Hill

taken in Monteriggioni

Out of all the churches I saw in Italy, this one was my favorite. Not St. Peter's Basilica, not the Sistine Chapel, but this church found on the hilltop town of Monteriggioni. All of the other churches I saw were decorated to the nines with statues, mosaic ceilings, gold-leafed decor, and tiled floors but in it's simplicity, this Romanesque church was the most beautiful.

The beautiful little town of Monteriggioni is one of the few preserved Medieval hilltop towns in Tuscany. Would you believe that to date, the town's population is 70? That includes a mayor! My office has more people than that! Back in the day, Monteriggioni was a fort during the years of conflict between Sienna and Florence. Today, it attracts many tourists thanks to how well it has preserved the structures and walls inside. Monteriggioni is a must see when you go to Tuscany!


Lawstude said...

wow. i love the hues of blues. galing. hanggang pangarap lang ako pag sa europe na usapan. :)

Lianne said...

thanks! i love the blues that came out in my pictures. europe is a great place to take tons of pictures. never say never! you'll get the chance to visit europe!

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