Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Happy Birthday Daddy :)

taken at a coffeshop somewhere in Venice

I always have such a hard time thinking of what to get my dad for his birthday or Christmas. Whenever I would ask him what he wants, he always says either socks or hankerchief and there's nothing exciting or personal about that! My dad loves a few things in life - good wine, watches, cars and music. Not exactly the easiest things to shop for. I always felt guilty when I wouldn't get him anything or something that isn't that awesome because he never fails to give me things, even when I don't ask for it. He's a great dad, always putting the family first. He's the comedian in the family, always, always, always playing pranks on my mom or doing things to purposely annoy me. You could say, I'm quite the daddy's girl.

This year, I decided to give him something more personal. I'm having this picture of I took of him and my mom in Venice framed. I used my Holga and i love how vintage this photo looks but really, this was taken just a month ago! Ever since digital cameras came along, we never printed out any of our family photos so this will be a first after a couple of years!

I can't wait to see the look on his face when he opens his birthday present from me this year. I think he's going to love it.


Elaine said...

That is such a cute picture!!! I think that will make a great gift. I did something similar for my dad and he seemed to appreciate it.


Lianne said...

thanks elaine! i can't wait to give it to my dad tomorrow :)

bananas. said...

it's a perfect gift for a man who sounds amazing. you are so lucky to have a father like that. happy birthday to him. don't forget to photograph his reaction.

Lianne said...

hey yeah thanks for reminding me! i'll have my camera out and ready to catch his reaction :)

Daene said...

What a lovely picture, and a lovely gift idea! You take amazing photos btw, great blog! :)

A big thanks for dropping by my blog btw - and I've added you to my links page. Hope we can exchange! :)

Lianne said...

thank you very much daene! keep visiting :)

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