Friday, July 23, 2010

You Choose Your Own Path

taken at Beihai Park in Beijing, China
We don't always know what path life will lead us which can be pretty scary. Last year was a year of soul searching for me. I was going through the quarter-life crisis and it was NOT fun. I didn't know if I wanted to stay in advertising because I felt I wasn't going to get financial freedom there. I had fun in the industry but I was slowly getting tired of the job description. I was an account manager, aka client's slave. I was also playing around with the idea of taking my MBA in NYU but then I realized it wouldn't benefit me anyway. They say that in the world of advertising, 2 years of experience is much better than 2 years of taking an MBA. Plus I was considering it for all the wrong reasons - I was looking for an excuse to live in another country for awhile. I wanted to experience independence in a different country. I always knew that I wanted to get into entrepreneurship so that when I have my own family in the future, I would have my own business where I have more control of my time and still contribute to the family income. I don't want to rely on my future husband for everything! I want to make something of myself too. I am woman, hear me roar! 

So it became clear to me that I wanted to go entrepreneurship... but what business was I going to get in to? 3 years ago, I borrowed money from my parents to put up a franchise of a fruit shake kiosk. I never really spent any time taking care of it and my crew probably stole money from me but I just wasn't interested. I realized that I had an opportunity right there and it would be a waste if I didn't make the most of it. Another was Baila!, a dance studio I have been going to since 2003. I came on as a partner in 2007 but never was active in it. Actually, most of the partners weren't so since no one was paying any attention to it, of course the studio wasn't making much money. That was another opportunity right there! I love that studio and felt there was so much potential and it would be a shame for it to close.

That sealed the deal. I had 2 businesses when I left my job last March 31. Right now, I'm also working on a business which will launch in August, so watch out for that! I like the path I'm on. I still have a lot of things to work to get to my financial freedom but I know I'll get there. :) 

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Linnea W said...

All the best to you on your new path!

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