Thursday, July 22, 2010


taken at the art district in Beijing, China
Posters were up all over the art district, unfortunately, I had no idea what they were announcing. I also decided to make my photos bigger in my entry... something i obviously should have done from the start!

I've been pretty busy nowadays. Since I left my corporate job in advertising,  I was a little worried I would get bored or I wouldn't be motivated to really work on my businesses. I'm pleasantly surprised that I'm keeping myself really really busy. It's actually pretty tough juggling marketing our dance studio, setting up another business with my friend and running the franchise I got of a fruit shake stand. What really gets me moving on all these is the fact that the money I have in my bank account is slooooowly getting smaller. I know I HAVE to make money because if not... well we know all know where that would lead! 

I get asked how is the "lady of leisure" and seriously, I am far from that. Leisure is not the word I would choose to describe my life right now. Busy, hectic and tiring would be a few. But honestly, I wouldn't have it any other way. It's especially exciting for me to be putting up my own thing. I know all the hard work will go somewhere and it will directly benefit me, not a company. 

I realized another thing that I want to put on my vision board. When I'm all successful, I want to become a consultant for start up businesses. I want to be able to help aspiring entrepreneurs such as myself. In the whole process of starting up a business, I realized also that I love marketing. Its my favorite part of businesses! Oh and I want to support an organization such as WWF or PETA. The environment has no voice and can't ask us for help. We need to be the ones to take the initiative to protect them.  

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