Monday, July 5, 2010

Colored Cows

taken at Beijing, China
One of my favorite spots in Beijing was the art district. There were so many quirky sculptures and paintings everywhere! You could spend the whole day just going through the stores filled with all sort of knick knacks and whatnot. Then when you get tired, you can stop at a coffee shop and admire more art in the area. I went all trigger happy over there! I'll definitely be posting more pictures from that area soon. 

On other news, I'm taking break from cramming the games for my friend's baby shower tonight! I just finished my "who's your daddy (or mommy)" deck wherein i'm going to flash pictures of babies then they have to guess who is their celebrity mom or dad. Now I'm brainstorming for charades... I need things related to babies so they can act it out later! My friend is due to give birth in October and I can't wait! This will be the first baby in our circle of friends... for sure that baby boy will be very very very spoiled!


Lily Hydrangea said...

this is such a cool sculpture.
Good luck with the baby shower preparation, sounds like so much fun.

Lianne said...

thank you! it was a success and a whole lot of fun :)

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