Tuesday, December 29, 2009

My World Tuesday #2

taken at Fort Santiago, Manila

Last week we took a walking tour around Intramuros which used to be the center of Manila back in the day.  The picture above was taken at the entrance of Fort Santiago. Our tour guide was Carlos Celdran and I have to admit, that was the most interesting tour I have been on! He really held our attention by his interesting anecdotes and comical antics. You could really tell that he was passionate about sharing the Philippine history to locals and foreigners alike. The one thing he said that really stuck to me was "we can't change how Manila looks but we can change how people look at Manila."

Taking his tour is definitely a must! Check out his site for his different tours and schedules!

See more of the world here!


Michelle said...

That looks so amazing!!

Lianne said...

thanks michelle!

Rajesh said...

Beautiful architecture.

My World @ Jaaisalmer, Golden City

Gattina said...

Must be a very interesting town also in an architectural view !

Anonymous said...

Very nice. I like the quote, "we can't change how Manila looks but we can change how people look at Manila."

Happy New Year!

Regina said...

Such a beautiful shot!
Great angle.
Happy New Year!

bananas. said...

how refreshing! i've been on travel tours before and talk about snore-fest!!!

Photo Cache said...

I'll make a note of signing up for Celdran's tour when I go home for a visit. He can be quite a character, as gleaned from the photos from fellow bloggers.

Happy New Year.

Hilda said...

You know I totally agree with Carlos. ;)

Wishing you and your family a peaceful and love-filled 2010, Lianne!

Elaine said...

That's awesome!!!! It must've been such a great time!


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