Thursday, December 17, 2009

Lovers For Life

taken on Ponte Vecchio, Glorence

Along the Ponte Vecchio, there was this statue with a fence surrounding it and all over the fence were locks! When I took a closer look, there were couples' names written on these locks. Apparently, they say that when you place a lock on the bridge with you and your lover's name on it, this means you will have eternal love. Funny thing is, right beside all these locks is a sign that says placing of locks on the fence is prohibited! Oh well... I guess tourists don't know how to follow rules!


Ibyang said...

it's like immortalizing one's love if you put a lock that has you and your partner's name in there. wow! :)

love that concept even if we're not following the rules hehe.

happy weekend!

Lianne said...

haha yeah its a really sweet concept :) its literally "locking your love" hehe. happy weekend to you too!

Psyche said...

oohh.. how romatic! :)
but being "locked in love" has its disadvantages too. :D

Lianne said...

psyche, that's true... unless you're locked in love with the right person!

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