Tuesday, August 25, 2009

still on a beach high

taken under the umbrellas on the shore of Punta Fuego

Still missing the beach very very badly... I miss Boracay but Rina and I were talking that we really should visit the many different beaches here in the Philippines. Boracay will always be one of my favorite destinations but there are a lot of other beautiful beaches worth exploring. The beautiful beaches are one of the things that is unique about our country. I'm making a new resolution... every year I will visit at least one new beach. First up, Caramoan!

Other beaches on my list:
1. Palawan
2. Bohol
3. Davao
4. Daet

Where else can I go?


Katie said...

Boo, let's go to Pagudpud. And this place in ilocos.

Lee said...

i'm game for that boo! road trip ba yan? hehehehe

stumblingonawesome said...

i just went last weekend. found a great place you'll love! check out my post. i'll give u details!

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