Wednesday, August 19, 2009

government warning

taken at the "lung center" of Fotoresources

In my line of work, pressure is high and stress is an everyday, ordinary thing and people deal with it in whatever way they know how. There's drinking, smoking, smoking UP, shopping going to the gym and whatnot. Unfortunately, not as many people turn to healthy outlets for stress. Most of the people in the agency smoke and they smoke A LOT. I never ever got in to smoking. I think it started out that I never tried because I was afraid I'd look stupid if I tried. Then both my lolos passed away with complications with their respiratory systems - Lolo Butad had emphysema and then Lolo Ponce got pneumonia. So now, I just really never had the urge to get into it.

So to all those smokers out there, stop! Or at least cut down.


Michelle said...

I agree! I don't understand why people smoke, it smells bad and can kill you. Not worth it!

Lee said...

definitely not worth it!! it's really bad for your health.

thanks so much for checking out my blog :) i'm a big fan of yours!

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