Monday, August 17, 2009

above and beyond

taken on the way to Naga, Bicol

Everytime I ride a plane, I request for a window seat. I love watching the city get smaller and smaller as the clouds get closer and closer. There's just something about seeing the world above the clouds that makes me smile and feel that there's promise of a wonderful tomorrow.

But I have to admit, the child in me always comes out whenever I look down at the world. I always imagine flying that high, like Peter Pan, or riding a magic carpet, just like Aladdin and Jasmine. Flying has always been that one super power I wish I had. I can only imagine how liberating and exciting that must feel like!

When I was younger, I would keep an eye out for Heaven. It's supposed to be above the clouds right??


Paolo Salcedo said...

I was the one who hated flying on planes. Nice shot, looks old, as if it were shot from the window of a B-52 bomber.

Lee said...

really? thanks hehehe. but you still always fought me for the window seat!

stumblingonawesome said...

like this. from this angle it looks like a rocketship

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