Friday, September 3, 2010

Missing My Film

taken at Beijing, China
I miss my lomo cameras. My supplier was MIA since April and finally has reappeared a couple of weeks ago. Thanks God coz I was having a really hard time finding another supplier! Lomography is not a cheap hobby at all. I'm trying to finish a roll of film in my Holga but weather hasn't been very sunny over here and I prefer taking photos on sunny days. Since film is so expensive, I can't just click away like there's no tomorrow! I really try to get a good shot everytime. I love the anticipation of seeing my film developed and hoping for an extraordinary photo. Lomo is love. :)


ching said...

i agree that lomography is not a cheap hobby. what Holga are you using? i have yet to buy a lomo camera. i'm still saving up. where do you go to develop your films anyway? :)

sara said...

hey! i love your photo. are all of them using lomo ?

elle said...

Definitely an expensive hobby, which makes me turn into a cheapskate when it comes to hitting that button. Though it would be nice just to be spontaneous with the photo taking, without the limits of price :-(

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