Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Let It Guide Your Way

taken at Corregidor
Yesterday, I was on my way to Makati and stuck in traffic along Pasong Tamo. I was texting my friend and complaining that I didn't have a regular cash flow, I needed to find a way to make more money, what I was making from my stall wasn't enough, I was getting impatient with having to wait for the other businesses to give me cash flow etc, etc. Right after I sent a long and whiny text message, I look out the window and saw a homeless man sleeping on the sidewalk with no shirt on and broken slippers. It was like the Lord was the Lord was reminding me about all the other blessings I have. There I was,  in the comforts of my own car, complaining that the money I am getting each month isn't enough but this man probably doesn't get anything. That image really put things in perspective. I may not be getting the money I want each month YET but I'm getting there. I'm lucky to have parents who are helping me out while I work on my financial freedom.  

Thank you, Lord for that reminder yesterday. Instead of complaining about my cash flow, I'll use that reminder to make me work harder to reach my goals faster.

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ching said...

that's good that you had a self check.. money will come flowing in but for now be grateful with what you have. :D

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