Thursday, September 2, 2010

Love From Above

taken at the San Agustin Church, Manila
I love this wrought iron design that was placed over the gate of the courtyard in the San Agustin church. Exploring old Manila really is fun. I loooove traveling and whenever I'm in another country, I soak up all their history and culture. Then I realized that I've forgotten all the history of my own country and visiting Intramuros and Corregidor has reminded me about the journey our country has gone through to get to where we are now.  


Lily Hydrangea said...

I like this too!
Nice capture.

ching said...

wow that wrought iron design is so cool.

elle said...

I'll make sure to hit all these places when I visit next time, hopefully soon. I'm a bit embarrassed not to have seen these places, and that everytime people over here ask me what historical places have you been to in the Phil, I would answer, with uhhhh..Luneta Park? Hahaha...

The gate is lovely,excellent ironwork.

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