Monday, September 21, 2009

Manila International Book Fair

taken at the Manila International Book Fair

It was another long weekend and this time, Carlo and I went to the Manila  International Book Fair held in the SMX Convention Center. As far back as I can remember, I always loved reading books. I started with Scholastic hardbound books and Berenstein Bears. As a tween, my favorite authors were Enid Blyton, Roal Dahl and Judy Blume. I would collect the Sweet Valley Twins, Baby Sitters Club and Nancy Drew books. Now I adore chick lit, fantasy (Harry Potter included) and mysteries. I can't imagine life without books! So naturally, this was one event I didn't want to miss.

The bookfair was chaos! There were sooooo many people looking through books, I had no idea where to start. Although after a couple of minutes walking around, I realized that a lot of the books were educational books. National Bookstore was a concessionaire but I didn't find anything I wanted to get. My criteria for buying something from that fair was it had to be on sale and something I wouldn't usually find elsewhere. I did see some interesting hardbound picture books but I felt like I was just wasting my money. so I ended up buying 3 back issues of preview magazine and a journal. Yeah I know... I didn't even follow my own criteria!

Today though, while at SM to check on my stall, I took a detour to the thrift bookstore, Book Sale. Now THAT was a place I could spend my money on! P100 ($2) for a well-maintained 2nd hand book? Not bad at all! Next payday, I'm putting aside P300 ($6) and a couple of hours to browse through the books over there and get me some good chick lit.

Are you a big reader?


Denise said...

I am A BIG, humongous reader. hihihi. Our spare room is where all my books are. Some books i have now are passed to me by parents and lolo. Some are really vintage, even older than me. I love to smell them. Nothing beats the smell of old rusty brown paper.

i didn't hear about this book fair. Now am sad.

i started with mills and boons, then Sheldon, and Steel to name a few.

Now I've collected all Murakami and Gabriel Garcia Marquez.

hope to hear more from you soon.

have a great day!

Lee said...

my brother reads murakami and i've been meaning to read those books! they're good? :)

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