Thursday, September 24, 2009

Chinese Coupons

taken at a museum in Shanghai

Earlier this year, I went to Shanghai with some friends. It was my 2nd time there but my first time in Shanghai was on a study tour and we didn't have time to really explore the city. So this time, we took our time and got lost in the city, emerging ourselves in the Chinese culture.

One of the things that we stumbled upon was a Chinese museum. I remember that Chinese history really interested me back when we had Asian history in college. They were so advanced in science, technology and businesses that its no wonder they have progressed the way they did. They really are a super power to be reckoned with!

The picture above is that of the old coupons that the Chinese used to allocate food among the masses. This was one of the ways they gained control during the tough times.


Anonymous said...

really like your blog. so cute!
Tomorrow x

Annie said...

Really cool photo.

Lee said...

thanks guys! keep visiting my blog :)

Denise said...

oh i love China. HOpe one day i can travel there. I find them very mysterious.
Whenever it's on Discovery am hooked.

Lee said...

hi denise!

china is a great country to visit, full of culture and history! i want to see beijing next.

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