Monday, August 23, 2010

The Hair Flip

taken by Alejandro Rivera for Hanky Panty
I've been neglecting my blog... So sorry! Just had to share with you guys my favorite shot from  our photo shoot. I loooooove this picture! How awesome is that hair flip? Now I wish my hair was long so I can have a shot like this too hehe. To check out our other designs, please visit our official Hanky Panty site. You can also add us on Facebook and Twitter.

One of the things I would love to get in to is fashion photography. I know fashion photographers here aren't paid as much as commercial photographers but fashion is so much more exciting don't you think? :)


ching said...

fashion phtography is definitely way more exciting. there's a lot of beauty in it too.

Lianne said...

@ching - you're right there's a lot of beauty in fashion photography as well! another thing that would be awesome to get in to is travel photography.

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