Thursday, January 14, 2010

Give the Gift of Education

taken at my office desk 

What did I do today? 

Today I signed up with World Vision and sponsored a child's education. All it takes it P600 ($14) a month and you are able to help a child go to school. I've been meaning to do this for quite some time now but always found some excuse not to but World Vision had a booth at the food court of our office building and it was just soooo simple to help out that I couldn't resist. All I had to do was sign up, choose a mode of payment and choose the child I wanted to sponsor. That simple. I chose to get charged to my credit card every month but you can also pay online or through post-dated checks, whichever way is most convenient for you. There's even an option of paying monthly, quarterly or yearly.

What I also liked about World Vision is that you get to find out how your sponsored child is doing through an annual progress report. You can also communicate with your child via letters! That way, you really feel that your help is going to a worthy cause. I asked the volunteers how they chose the children to be sponsored and apparently, they go through a series of interviews and surveys. They not only talk to the children but the family and community as well. They make sure that these children really have that passion to get an education. 

The child I'm sponsoring is named Mark Arvie and what really made me choose him was his story. He was abandoned by his parents and left with his relatives. Although his relatives are happy to have him, they aren't making enough to send him to school. My heart really went out to him and without any hesitation, I chose him.

My officemate said that even if she's helping, she felt that this was a selfish thing. I asked why and she said its because this was making her really happy. I completely understood what she meant because when I signed up and got my welcome kit, I was so happy and excited. I couldn't wait to hear from Mark Arvie and how he was doing in school. There was some sort of high about helping him out. 

I truly believe that education is the best weapon you can give a child to fight poverty. Education will give him a better future and help him be the best he can be. You can change a life too! Just check out the World Vision site and see how you can help out.


bananas. said...

that is so awesome of you! i love seeing the different causes people are passionate about. this one is a good one. education is definitely important.

megara said...

wow you are pretty inspiring! that's really commendable!

Elaine said...

That is such a great story and so inspiring!!! I'd love to do that too but I feel like there's always some restraint holding me back from giving more than I am. I wish I were rich! lol!

Lianne said...

thanks guys! i'm sure you can find your own little way to help out. :)

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