Monday, October 5, 2009

Pandanon Island

taken at Padanon Island, Cebu

There's a beautiful little remote island in Cebu called Pandanon. It's a tiny island with white sands and clear water. There are only 6 huts that can be rented there so it's really private. Nothing beats a grilled seafood  lunch and an ice cold beer by the shore! During low tide, there's a sandbar and you can see so many starfishes. It's quiet, serene and the picture perfect paradise. Definitely a must see when you're in Cebu!


bananas. said...

sounds amazing! count me in.


Lee said...

yup it really is! :)

thanks for dropping by my blog!

Elaine said...

WOW!!! I'd love to go to a private island :D

And it's not that bad asking people for their picture. They are usually quite flattered!

Lee said...

you should come visit the philippines one day! we have awesome beaches :)

Michelle said...

That is such a gorgeous view! Everything here is just covered in snow.

Elaine said...

Hey Lee! Thanks for your comment on my blog! I think 18C is on the borderline of cool and warm. As in cool in the morning and evening and warm in the afternoon. I'd bring lots of layers but no big jackets. Just cardis, sweaters, scarves, and definitely pants! If it does end up getting warmer, you may want to bring skirts/dresses and tights just in case. But wherever you're going, I bet it'll be cold at night. So be prepared with a light jacket or two! :)

Lee said...

@michelle - come visit the philippines! there are lots of beaches here and weather is nice and warm.

@elaine - thanks soooo much for the tips! it really helped me decide what to bring for the trip :)

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