Wednesday, December 15, 2010

How I Miss You Boracay

taken at Boracay, Philippines

I got my film today! Yey! Bad news though is that one was unexposed (how can that happen??) and the photos from my Vivitar don't seem to be in the CD. Definitely calling the hotline tomorrow. 

Only 2 days to go before my last day from my month-long stint in my old agency and honestly, I can't wait. The account that they needed help with was really tough and I can't say I'm going to miss them. I'm looking forward to going back to my usual life and I appreciate being a struggling entrepreneur even more. I'm super excited for 2011, January is already looking interesting! Another business is coming up and I'm sooooo excited. It's something new here in the Philippines. :) 


ching said...

oh wow, wonderfully taken.
i seriously have not been to boracay.haha

Lianne said...

not yet?? you should! its gorgeous there. you'll love it :)

Shell Sherree said...

Sorry to hear about your film hassles ~ but the hues in this photo are lovely! That beach is extremely inviting, too. Thank you for dropping in over at my place, Lianne. Nice to meet you.

Lianne said...

nice to meet you too shell! thanks for dropping by as well :)

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