Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Art and Color

taken at Beijing, China
Sorry I've been MIA for awhile. I needed sometime transferring my stuff and setting up my new laptop! Got myself a MacBook Pro ;p yey! And I'm LOVING IT. 

Things have been pretty busy for me recently with the 3 businesses I'm taking care of. Not that I'm complaining or anything but I was a bit worried that I would have too much idle time on my hands once I left my old job. Now, I keep myself busy but I get to schedule everything. I can adjust deadlines and manage my time much better. I like that I am able to make my own decisions on things instead of forever asking my boss. 

The picture above was taken in a little house in Beijing. I love how the art is also used for decor on the table. The colors are so striking and beautiful it just brightens up the table area. It could be a great idea that you can apply in your house!

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